Phantom Parks

Phantom Parks investigates the notion of wilderness as I look at the constructed wild environment, indeed an oxymoron. Exploring nature parks across Europe and North America, I draw on the tension between naturalness and wildness in the so-called wilderness. With every look, the same elements of naturalness and wildness begin to unravel. The subtle presence of the manufactured begins to work as metaphors and ironies for the fragmented relationship the majority of us share with the natural world. The desire to control, tame, and exploit the wilderness linger as a constant reminder of the cultural expectations thrust upon the land and its counterparts.

The line between real and fake nature becomes twisted. In reality, these scenes and scenarios would never exist, as the climate or landscape is not native to the species; the great unspoiled wilderness is suddenly spoiled. Uneasy, and bewildered with contradictions, exhausted landscapes, and elusive creatures; the notion of wilderness is reexamined.

Limited Edition Print Series

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